Write a java program to find min and max of a list

Final array contents after calls to mystery5 method: Object-oriented programming looks at a program as a group of interacting entities named objects that each keep track of related data and behavior. An object is an entity that encapsulates data and behavior that operates on the data.

Write a java program to find min and max of a list

One of feature, which is synonymous to this release is lambda expressions, which will provide ability to pass behaviours to methods.

write a java program to find min and max of a list

Prior to Java 8, if you want to pass behaviour to a method, then your only option was Anonymous class, which will take 6 lines of code and most important line, which defines the behaviour is lost in between.

Lambda expression replaces anonymous classes and removes all boiler plate, enabling you to write code in functional style, which is some time more readable and expression.

This mix of bit of functional and full of object oriented capability is very exciting development in Java eco-system, which will further enable development and growth of parallel third party libraries to take advantage of multi-processor CPUs.

Though industry will take its time to adopt Java 8, I don't think any serious Java developer can overlook key features of Java 8 release e.

As a developer, I have found that best way to learn and master lambda expression is to try it out, do as many examples of lambda expressions as possible. Since biggest impact of Java 8 release will be on Java Collections framework its best to try examples of Stream API and lambda expression to extract, filter and sort data from Lists and Collections.

I have been writing about Java 8 and have shared some useful resources to master Java 8 in past. In this post, I am going to share you 10 most useful ways to use lambda expressions in your code, these examples are simple, short and clear, which will help you to pick lambda expressions quickly.

More and more I look them, it makes me enable to write more clean code in Java. Though it was not like this always; when I first saw a Java code written using lambda expression, I was very disappointed with cryptic syntax and thinking they are making Java unreadable now, but I was wrong.

After spending just a day and doing couple of examples of lambda expression and stream API, I was happy to see more cleaner Java code then before. It's like the Genericswhen I first saw I hated it.

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I even continued using old Java 1. Bottom line is, don't afraid with initial cryptic impression of lambda expressions and method reference, you will love it once you do couple of examples of extracting and filtering data from Collection classes. So let's start this wonderful journey of learning lambda expressions in Java 8 by simple examples.

Example 1 - implementing Runnable using Lambda expression One of the first thing, I did with Java 8 was trying to replace anonymous class with lambda expressions, and what could have been best example of anonymous class then implementing Runnable interface.

Look at the code of implementing runnable prior to Java 8, it's taking four lines, but with lambda expressions, it's just taking one line. What we did here? This example brings us syntax of lambda expression in Java 8.

What is Stream?

You can write following kind of code using lambdas: This makes your code shorter, allowing it to fit in one line. So in above code, choice of variable names as a,b or x, y is better than even and odd.

Example 2 - Event handling using Java 8 Lambda expressions If you have ever done coding in Swing API, you will never forget writing event listener code.

This is another classic use case of plain old Anonymous class, but no more. You can write better event listener code using lambda expressions as shown below. In Java 8, you can replace your ugly anonymous class with more readable lambda expression.

I leave that to you for exercise, should be easy if you follow the pattern, I have shown during implementing Runnable and ActionListener using lambda expression.

Need to find a max of three numbers in java - Stack Overflow The purpose of this article is to teach you how to get input from a user in Java and how to use java. Math class to perform some mathematical operation e.

Example 3 - Iterating over List using Lambda expressions If you are doing Java for few years, you know that most common operation with Collection classes are iterating over them and applying business logic on each elements, for example processing a list of orders, trades and events.

Since Java is an imperative language, all code looping code written prior to Java 8 was sequential i. If you want to do parallel filtering, you need to write your own code, which is not as easy as it looks.

Introduction of lambda expression and default methods has separated what to do from how to do, which means now Java Collection knows how to iterate, and they can now provide parallel processing of Collection elements at API level.

In below example, I have shown you how to iterate over List using with and without lambda expressions, you can see that now List has a forEach method, which can iterate through all objects and can apply whatever you ask using lambda code.

Example 4 - Using Lambda expression and Functional interface Predicate Apart from providing support for functional programming idioms at language level, Java 8 has also added a new package called java.

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One of them is Predicate, By using java.Feb 26,  · Java 8 Lambda Expressions Examples I am personally very excited about Java 8, particularly lambda expression and stream API. More and more I look them, it makes me enable to write more clean code in Java.

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write a java program to find min and max of a list

Each Java process has a pid, which you first need to find with the jps command.. Once you have the pid, you can use jstat -gc [insert-pid-here] to find statistics of the behavior of the garbage collected heap..

jstat -gccapacity [insert-pid-here] will present information about memory pool generation and space capabilities. jstat -gcutil [insert-pid-here] will present the utilization of each.

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