Thesis confidentiality agreement

Abstract For qualitative researchers, maintaining respondent confidentiality while presenting rich, detailed accounts of social life presents unique challenges.

Thesis confidentiality agreement

The Pompitous of Love 1, Do you have any evidence of this? MIT specifically says no confidential theses.

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Colorado School of Mines allows for a thesis to be confidential for a 1 year period. Purdue potentially allows theses to remain confidential indefinitely, but you must renew the request every 2 years. In the US, things are classified based on what they contain, not just because someone puts a stamp on it.

It's not up to the university to decide whether a PhD thesis may be considered classified or not. If the government decides that it is, the university may not distribute it. Every US policy I can find says no confidential theses.

Presumably odd things can happen if the information becomes confidential after the degree is awarded. I am transitioning jobs, otherwise I would look it up. I do know that it happens, although it never happened to me. One day, you couldn't see that section of their thesis anymore, and they couldn't tell you why, really.

I sometimes "supervise" M.

Master thesis non disclosure agreement- Master non thesis-

The "academic" supervision is done by a professor at a university, of course, but I'll do the day-to-day supervision, and the student will usually sit at a desk in a cubicle close to me. Usually these theses involve my employer's Intellectual Property. Usually the student uses data from a client and retailers are utterly paranoid about their sales data.

Consequently, we need to have both our clients and our own legal department on board with this, and usually this means that all or part of the thesis will not be publicly accessible. Of course, the department and the student in question needs to be OK with this, too, but we haven't had any problems with this so far.

Again, I have never seen a professor balk at this. They usually leap at the chance of having one of their students do a thesis in industry. The same thing happens if a prospective employer asks me about samples of my work at a previous employer, which I cannot disclose because of an NDA.

Thesis confidentiality agreement

I tell them that I have signed an NDA and cannot go into details, then give a rough sketch of what I can talk about. This is commonplace in the workplace, and no serious employer should bat an eye. Even a future academic employer should be understanding.

This might work differently for a Ph. However, I'd expect that it would be possible to have parts of a Ph. And if the industry partner pays part of the Ph.52) Researchers typically present confidentiality agreements at the beginning of the data collection process.

Discussing confidentiality at the outset is necessary for acquiring informed consent and building trust with respondents (Crow et al., ).

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However, these discussions occur without knowledge of the specific information subsequently shared by the respondent. Confidential information thesis non-disclosure agreement (docx) Use this form to: make a formal arrangement regarding the confidentiality of a thesis defence between the examiner and the student.

CONFIDENTIALITY What is a confidentiality agreement? Research and research students are often required to sign a confidentiality agreement or, as it is sometimes called, a non-disclosure agreement. The agreement will contain a definition of the confidential information which . Thesis Confidentiality Agreement Revised August As a member of the Thesis Examination Board or as a visitor of the thesis examination of the candidate indicated below, I agree to maintain confidentiality and not to disclose to anyone.

confidentiality agreement prior to the thesis being sent to them for examination. Your supervisor will need to contact MIGR if such an arrangement is necessary. Publication and confidential material Similarly, a sponsor of your research may request that publication of findings be withheld, for example if a patent is pending.

CONFIDENTIALITY During the period of this Non-Disclosure Agreement, the student and the thesis supervisor shall not take advantage of or reveal such business or trade secrets of the host company/organization that have been entrusted to them or they have come to .

Protecting Respondent Confidentiality in Qualitative Research