The natural environment

Natural England has published information about Nature Improvement Areas and progress in 12 pilot areas from which local planning authorities and other partners elsewhere can learn. Information on biodiversity impacts and opportunities should inform all stages of development including, for instance, site selection and design including any pre-application consultation as well as the application itself. An ecological survey will be necessary in advance of a planning application if the type and location of development are such that the impact on biodiversity may be significant and existing information is lacking or inadequate.

The natural environment

In either case, your business is shaped in many ways by the local environment everywhere you operate. Each environment represents its own set of challenges and opportunities. These factors can affect your business in a number of ways, even if you never face a major disaster on your watch.

For one The natural environment, you may need to pay extra for your insurance or allocate a large emergency fund if your insurer specifically excludes your major environmental risk.

You may also need to conduct emergency response training with your staff, and invest in generators or other assets to help you keep operating when Mother Nature is acting up.

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Your Climate Your climate can have an impact on your business that goes well beyond where you set the office thermostat. Obviously, heating and cooling have costs attached, but extremes of heat or cold can directly affect your operations.

At 40 below on a frigid prairie morning, vehicles may not start and any employees working outside will need protective clothing and frequent breaks.

When the heat and humidity rise to high enough levels, your crews face potentially fatal heatstroke unless you provide cooling and lots of opportunity for hydration.

Bakeries and cake decorators throughout the South do battle every day with the heat and humidity, which play havoc with icing and decorations.

Warm climates speed the deterioration of everything from perishable items to wooden homes, while the freezing and thawing cycles of more northerly climes make pavement and concrete foundations buckle and crack. Raw Materials Another obvious way the environment affects your business is by providing raw materials.

Sawmills locate themselves in wooded areas, and canneries set up where there are either fisheries or agricultural operations to fill the cans. Access to Waterways A waterfront location is always attractive for the views and the cool breezes, but for business purposes, a location near a waterway can be really crucial.

It provides an additional way to bring your raw materials in and ship your finished product out, and ships or barges can haul a lot more at one time than trucks do.

For companies that manufacture really large assemblies, such as turbines for generating stations, shipping by water may be the only really effective way to move such a big product.

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Environmentally Driven Regulatory Factors An additional factor that can affect your business comes from regulatory authorities, rather than directly from the environment itself.

If you operate in an area where there are significant environmental concerns, legislation that addresses those concerns might affect your business every day.

These might include limits or restrictions on the fuels you burn or the emissions from your stacks, tight regulations on what you can discharge into the local waterways or land-based holding ponds, or even special taxes or levies that go to environmental oversight and protection.Jun 29,  · Each environment represents its own set of challenges and opportunities.

The Potential for Natural Disaster The most dramatic environmental factor you'll face is the potential for natural . The natural environment is God’s gift and provision for the care of his people.

It provides healthy food, shelter, clothing, medicines, beauty, clean water, clean air and many other benefits for people to use and enjoy.


The natural environment is also the world’s largest employer. More people. The natural environment is contrasted with the built environment, which comprises the areas and components that are strongly influenced by humans.

A geographical area . Jun 29,  · Each environment represents its own set of challenges and opportunities. The Potential for Natural Disaster The most dramatic environmental .

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Nov 01,  · The Natural Environment Featured As scientists learn more about how the environment responds to human activity, it has become an area of increasing concern to the global community.

The Natural Environment for Children’s Self-Education The Sudbury Valley School is in these ways like a hunter-gatherer band. Posted Sep 03,

The natural environment
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