Research paper about pollution

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Research paper about pollution

Select network When marine life is exposed to such pollution, there are a number of negative impacts; including the deoxygenation of ocean water, serious health effects for marine animals like infertility, and the death of a large number of plants and animals.

Recognizing these impacts through research is important, yet many find this a daunting task. This sample essay, written by an Ultius professional writeris designed to educate readers about the concerns of marine pollution and how it affects us all. Causes of marine pollution Despite their vast size, oceans have been greatly affected over the past few decades by an excess of human activities that have devastatingly impacted marine environments.

These waters are home to a large variety of plant and animal species, all of which are at risk due to the marine pollution. Sewage pollution creates poisons in the ocean One major cause of marine pollution is sewage.

Eighty percent of the urban sewage is dumped into the Mediterranean Sea. It enters the ocean directly when sewage flows from rivers or drainages directly into the ocean.

Once there, the sewage breaks down and the chemical compounds are released into the ocean ecosystem, reducing the oxygen level of the water, causing plant life to decay and die, and decrease the overall quality of the sea water in general Rinkesh.

The reduction in oxygen affects the well-being of all the living things in the ocean, as every living thing needs oxygen to survive. When plant life dies off, the animals that used those plants as a food source can begin to suffer.

On the other hand, sewage waste could be processed into biodiesel fuel and eliminate the need for dumping. Commercial chemicals harmful to marine biology Another cause of marine pollution is toxic chemicals from businesses and industries.

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Agricultural and industrial waste are the most common forms of waste that are poured directly into oceans and causing massive amounts of pollution. The Fukushima disaster in Japan is one of the most recent examples of commercial contamination of marine life.

The materials that make it to the oceans are typically hazardous material that threatens the health of animals and plants alike. These compounds can also cause the water temperature to rise through an effect known as thermal pollution.

Research paper about pollution

Often dangerous because the temperature of these materials is already very high. The plants and animals that live there cannot survive the drastic rise in temperature and eventually being to die. Many of those species are food sources for other, larger species, causing those populations to suffer as well.

Oceans have been used for a dumping ground for waste for centuries and until the s, dumping chemical waste like chemicals, pesticides, and radioactive waste into the sea was seen as perfectly acceptable.

Still, though, there are environmental problems caused by materials that have already been poured into the sea and even the materials that are permitted to be disposed of as such.

Chemicals can also make their way into the sea through land-based activities such as fracking. These harmful substances can be released into the air, soil, and water when they are being disposed of, manufactured, or used.

They can make their way across long distances by air or water and find their way into ocean waters. Land runoff pollutes oceans A third cause of marine pollution is land runoff.Marine pollution is an ever-growing dilemma and has detrimental effects on ocean life.

This sample essay explores marine pollution causes and its impact.5/5(2). Environmental Pollution is an international journal that seeks to publish papers that report results from original, novel research that addresses significant environmental pollution issues and problems and contribute new knowledge to science.

How to Write a Research Paper on Water Pollution. This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see to the left. Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters.

Research Paper. The Importance of Rewriting Storm Water Regulations. Danielle Nielsen. Goochland High School. Abstract. This paper observes the negative and harmful effects of water pollution and storm water runoff on the environment and the surrounding community.

The most common form of water pollution is sediment runoff. It then goes on to. Environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems the world faces today. It is an issue that troubles us economically, physically and everyday of our lives. The contamination of the environment is also being linked to some of the diseases that are around currently.

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Yet, most people do not know /5(20).  Water pollution in China is a serious problem. It threatens the health and well being of humans, plants, and animals and it is one of most common types of paper will outline the negative affects of water pollution in Lake Tai that is caused by industries in China and the effects that it has on surrounding communities.

The Chinese government is aware of the pollution problem.

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