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Ou rencontrer des femmes a montreal

It was a smokescreen for a wrong-headed policy and the Federal Court shot it down. Rather than reinstating the refugee health program, they delayed their appeal to the last minute. What will it take for the Conservative Government to listen?

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The cuts are not merely wrong, they constitute cruel and unusual treatment, and outrage standards of decency and shock the conscience of Canadians. The program previously paid for basic health care for refugee claimants until they left Canada or became eligible for provincial health care.

Even where provinces such as Ontario have attempted to fill the gap, the federal government persists in obstructing their efforts.

Ou rencontrer des femmes a montreal

It sends a clear message to government that it cannot abdicate its responsibility to meet the most basic health care needs of vulnerable refugees and refugee claimants". We are pleased to see the Federal Court put an end to this unwarranted suffering. The Federal Court ruled that the executive intentionally targeted poor and vulnerable refugees and refugee claimants "for the express purpose of inflicting predictable and preventable physical and psychological suffering on many of those seeking the protection of Canada para.

Noting that the "cruelty of the changes to the IFHP is not limited to children" para. The Court also emphasized that there is "no reliable evidence before this court" that the cuts to the IFHP would result in predicted cost savings to the federal government.

To the contrary, there was evidence that some of the cost of medical services previously covered under the IFHP "has now simply been downloaded to the provinces" para.


Asking for refugee protection is not a crime. Physicians across the province are reporting long and gratuitous delays to determine eligibility and to receive reimbursement for health services that the Ontario Government has committed to covering, and the federal government used to pay for.

This latest phase of federal stubbornness is part of an ongoing Conservative Government project to create barriers to care for refugees and general confusion for health workers. The CDRC has documented numerous examples of refugee patients who have been denied care — including ill children, pregnant women, and seniors with heart conditions — as a result of the IFHP cuts.

This process usually takes at least four weeks. If the claim is rejected, it is sent back to the billing hospital or doctor who must then resubmit the same billing claim, to the same insurance company, for the same service but directed to the OTHP branch of Blue Cross. More information and updates are available on our website at www.YLI Events YLI Ottawa: Breakfast Seminar on the Canada Infrastructure Bank Monday November 27, YLI Ottawa, in conjunction with PwC Canada, organized a breakfast seminar with the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

Ou rencontrer des femmes a montreal

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