Microfinance organization business plan

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Microfinance organization business plan

Thus, many poor people look instead to family, friends, and even loan sharks —who often charge exorbitant interest rates —for help.

microfinance organization business plan

Although they exist all around the world, the majority of microfinancing operations occur in developing nations, such as Uganda, Indonesia, Serbia, and Honduras. Unlike typical financing situations, in which the lender is primarily concerned with the borrower having enough collateral to cover the loan, many microfinance organizations focus on helping entrepreneurs to succeed.

In many instances, people seeking help from microfinance organizations are first required to take a basic money-management class. But to many impoverished people, this figure often is enough to start a business or engage in other profitable activities. Microfinance Loan Terms Like conventional lenders, microfinanciers must charge interest on loans, and they institute specific repayment plans with payments due at regular intervals.

After receiving loans, recipients repay their debts together. Because the success of the program depends on everyone's contributions, this creates a form of peer pressure that can help to ensure repayment.

For example, if an individual is having trouble using his or her money to start a business, that person can seek help from other group members or from the loan officer. Interestingly, although these borrowers often qualify as very poor, repayment amounts on microloans are often actually higher than the average repayment rate on more conventional forms of financing.

For example, the microfinancing institution Opportunity International reported repayment rates of approximately Investopedia Academy's Master Your Money course provides you with more than 20 hours of videos and interactive lessons to help you take control of your finances and increase your earning power!

Small operations have existed since the 18th century. The first occurrence of microlending is attributed to the Irish Loan Fund system, introduced by Jonathan Swift, which sought to improve conditions for impoverished Irish citizens.

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In addition to providing loans to its clients, the Grameen Bank also suggests that its customers subscribe to its "16 Decisions," a basic list of ways that the poor can improve their lives.

Inthe Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to both Yunus and the Grameen Bank for their efforts in developing the microfinance system. India's SKS Microfinance also serves a large number of poor clients. Formed init has grown to become one of the biggest microfinance operations in the world.

There are other microfinance operations around the world. Some larger organizations work closely with the World Bankwhile other smaller groups operate in different nations.

Others are very specifically targeted: The International Finance Corporation IFCpart of the larger World Bank Groupestimates that, as ofmore than million people have directly benefited from microfinance-related operations.

microfinance organization business plan

The benefits of microfinance extend beyond the direct effects of giving people a source for capital. While microfinance interest rates are generally lower than conventional banks', critics have charged that these operations are making money off of the poor—especially since the trend in for-profit microfinance institutions, such as BancoSol in Bolivia and the above-mentioned SKS which actually began as a nonprofit organization NPObut became for profit in The bank was started in as a nonprofit.

However, 10 years later, management decided to transform the enterprise into a traditional, for-profit company.

The main difference lies in how it uses the funds it nets in interest and repayments: Like any public company, it distributes them to shareholders. Other companies have created mutual funds that invest primarily in microfinance firms.

By their very nature and their obligation to stockholdersthese publicly traded firms work against the original mission of microfinance—helping the poor above all else. In response, Compartamos and other for-profit microfinanciers counter that commercialization allows them to operate more efficiently, and to attract more capital by appealing to profit-seeking investors.

For now, though, charitable and commercialized microfinanciers do co-exist.

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Other Concerns Regarding Microfinance In addition to the divide between non- and for-profit microfinance enterprises, other criticisms exist. They cite the examples of China and India, where the development of large industries has led to stable employment and higher wages, which in turn has helped millions to emerge from the lowest levels of poverty.

Other critics have said that the presence of interest payments, however low, are still a burden. Despite the healthy repayment rates, there still are borrowers who cannot, or do not, repay loans, because of the failure of their ventures, personal catastrophe, or other reasons.An organization can franchise its "proven social enterprise model" and sell it to other nonprofits to operate as their own business.

Franchising enhances nonprofit organizations that have viable, yet non-scaleable social enterprises, through replication. For example, a café that employs disabled people may be profitable only when it employs 12 or fewer disabled people.

Inclusive finance: a cross-cutting theme. How we invest defines the world we want to live in. With our Inclusive Finance investments, we want to contribute to an accessible, transparent and robust financial sector in developing and emerging economies that empowers people and businesses to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Microfinancing institutions. Microfinance is available through microfinance institutions, which range from small nonprofit organizations to larger banks.

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