Marketing case analysis curtis automotive hoist

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Marketing case analysis curtis automotive hoist

Jeff Skiles Co-Pilot of U. Everything was normal until First Officer Jeff Skiles spotted a formation of Canada geese almost directly ahead. In a matter of seconds, he heard numerous thunks as the birds impacted the aircraft.

Marketing case analysis curtis automotive hoist

Both engines immediately failed. Captain Chesley Sullenberger took over flying the plane and lowered the nose down to retain airspeed. Surrounded by nothing but skyscrapers and neighborhoods, they decided to head to the only open, flat space available—the Hudson River.


Crisis Management at 3, Feet. Skiles tried to restart the engines. But the manuals are written for failures that happen at 30, feet, and the only training pilots receive for water landings is focused on ditching in the open ocean.

Skiles and Sullenberger were truly in uncharted territory. As the passengers and flight attendants braced for impact, the plane descended 3, feet toward the river.

Eye-witnesses in the surrounding buildings said it looked like a perfect three-point landing. News of plane crashes and airline disasters usually hits the public hard.

Yet those same accidents become the training tools and examples that help pilots avoid repeating those mistakes.

But the exploits of the flight crew of U. Airways Flight are a rare example where future pilots learn from a resounding success rather than a failure.

The son of two pilots, Skiles started flying at the age of 16 and has logged over 23, hours in the sky.

Skiles has spent the last 30 years as a US Airways pilot and his lifetime of experiences contributed to the astounding outcome. He attributes the success of the emergency landing on the Hudson to the extensive training that all members of a flight crew experience. From the mechanics and the maintenance workers to the people who write the emergency protocols and the flight attendants, he believes that every level of the US Airways organization is responsible for the outcome on January 15, While he and Captain Sullenberger piloted the plane to a safe landing, the success was a group effort representing the contributions of an entire organization.Kalamazoo public safety officer struck by car while walking on sidewalk Other officers who were nearby performed first aid on the injured officer.

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