Eureka forbes direct marketing casestudy

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Eureka forbes direct marketing casestudy

Eureka forbes direct marketing casestudy

But persistence paid, as also the decision to remain in core areas. As in water, even in cleaners, the company first began with the home, then made larger ones for offices and factories, and now also provides onsite cleaning services for a pollution-free environment.

Drinking water Eureka Forbes was the first to enter the drinking water purification segment, which now has numerous players.

Punjab, India's granary, has among the lowest water tables and Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab and Tamil Nadu have high levels of water contamination. Over the last 29 years, Eureka Forbes has mapped water quality in different areas of the country through its 18 laboratories. You can enter your pin code on its Web site www.

In rural areas, the company offers water at Rs 1. Future plans Today, in the vacuum cleaning category Eureka Forbes has over 80 per cent market share and in water purification, 52 per cent.

But price and value equation remain a challenge. The number of rupees per day the customer pays for his water as opposed to the Rs 10, paid upfront. It is the sachet-shampoo story. The company already has a substantial business in cleaning trains and railway stations and sees air purification, security and home automation as growth areas of the future.

But an example of ethical conduct is Ratan Tata, who stands there and says: A line has to be drawn somewhere. Business at the cost of ethics is a never-ending trap.

Eureka forbes direct marketing casestudy

It's all on record. We are a completely transparent organisation. You may do 15 things right but one wrong step can trip you and destroy your reputation.

My take on corruption? For some, it's a necessary evil, but in my business I don't want to do it and don't do it. When I read something in a newspaper or magazine, it's your opinion, which I may or may not accept. But on the Internet I am more involved because I comment on it.

Most people have been made to earn and value every single rupee, so we value money. We've always had good education, but Indian entrepreneurship is now ready to take off. Today we are the biggest and best provider of services in the world.

Politics and politicians; this is our single-largest bane, as also the gap between the rich and the poor. Every country goes through it, but the gap that exists today is a little frightening. His wife listens to a lot of sentimental, love music. In Johannesburg, you have these clubs in the middle of Soweto where [you should] go without your purse, watch, ring, carrying just a few currency notes.

An eclectic reader, Robert Ludlum and Aldous Huxley were his one-time favourites but today all his spare time is consumed by music.

So I walk on my treadmill at home for about 40 minutes. My fitness motivator is my wife; every time she looks at my stomach and says: I see a lot of French cinema too. We eat, we chill.Eureka Forbes specifically for you. for only $/page.

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and won the game by just refining the pioneer’s marketing tactics. In June , AMEX stepped into the Indian charge card market. But Indian market was different and AMEX faced different rivals from those it had fought in the US.

Steve Schwarzman Case Study. 1. How would you. The 10 practices applied by Eureka Forbes covered KM, HR, Marketing and Sales. Two practices – Rewards & Recognition – an integral part of EFL culture, and KM at EFL – Of the People, By the People, For the People – were short listed for the presentation at the conclave.

Eureka Forbes products for home features the latest technology that simplifies tasks, enhances efficiency levels and saves time. The comprehensive range of products offered by Eureka Forbes are a perfect blend of personal touch with professional craftsmanship making them stand out.

May 14,  · Marzin R. Shroff on his view of how can technology help in keeping pace with the new rules on engagement and equipping the sales team better.. Sponsored by SAP. When it comes to the Eureka Forbes recruitment, candidates are mostly chosen for the department of Sales / Marketing Executive.

To learn more about the current jobs and other details, it is better to go through official site of Eureka Forbes and Freshersworld. The case examines the strategies adopted (over the years) by leading consumer appliances company Eureka Forbes in India. The case explores how the company built up the vacuum cleaner and water/air purifier markets in India from scratch through its direct marketing efforts.

Marketing in India: Change in Distribution Channels – Water Purifiers