Essay on duties and responsibilities of a student

It Is the time when the seed of future prosperity and happiness is to be sown. As he will sow at this stage of life, so will be reap in this later life.

Essay on duties and responsibilities of a student

Duties towards society and nation Duties towards humanity Conclusion—duties and rights Essay Introduction: Students are the repository of all that is vital and vigorous in society.

Duties of a student, Some Duties & Responsibility of the Student | Essay

They are the vital forces in the social organism. If the students do not come upto our expectations simply because they are led astray and their vigor is drained away, the radiance of our hopes is likely to be dimmed. It is essential, therefore, that students should realize this and make full preparations for playing their proper role in society and answering the call of the time to come.

This leads us to the consideration of the duties which the students should discharge in order to become good citizens of tomorrow. The students of today, unfortunately, are conscious of only their rights. It is good that they should have a consciousness of these too, for they are the basic conditions of freedom.

But, what is more important to understand is the fact that rights do not stand by themselves. They grow out of duties. Duties of students can be divided into four categories: The first duty of students is towards themselves.

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They should try to have good health, for a sound mind lives in a sound body. One cannot do anything great without good health, however much one wants to do so. For this purpose they should take part in games and sports. Building up of good habits in the beginning is very necessary.

The good habits that are formed in the student life last throughout. And character is nothing but a bundle of habits. They should develop decency, good manners and good behavior towards others.

Thirdly, they should pay full attention to their studies, for it is their studies which shall determine their future course of life. Duties towards the family: Besides duties towards themselves, students owe duties towards their parents, elders and teachers.

Essay on duties and responsibilities of a student

Parents who are responsible for their having come into the beautiful, delightful world have a moral claim upon their children, who should do everything to repay at least some part of the irreparable debt they owe to their parents. They should not do anything that tarnishes the image of their family.

Next to parents come teachers to whom students woe irreparable debt. The teacher who guides youth to course through this life as a respectable member of society deserves the most sanctified respect of the students.

Duties towards society and nation: Man is a social being. He is what he can be; what he intends to become due to society. Social service leads to the liberation of the self which in turn leads to the ennoblement of the soul and the enlargement of the spirit. Besides these spiritual gains, students can get experience of an education in harmonious social living.

They can also eke out their resources by earning some little money as a result of their social service. They can help in the eradication of social evils like infant marriages, casteism, untouchability etc.

During their vacation students can organize night schools in villages and thus be helpful in solving the problem of illiteracy. They can instill political consciousness in the villagers and can tell them their rights in the democratic set up of the country.

During times of war students can organize civil defence operations and look after the families of these who are actively engaged infighting against the enemy.

Service to humanity is the crying need of the hour. Nationalism is an utterly crude term in the context of the modern times. The world is a family; this should ever remain on the conscious plan of their minds. Thanks to science that it has conquered barriers of space.

Students of one country can communicate and establish contacts with students of foreign countries. They should try to develop sense of accommodation for the people of all countries without discrimination on the basis of social or political systems of their countries or the faith or religion of their societies.Every student should have the proper knowledge about the duties and responsibility.

No student ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what required of him: it is the amount and excellence of what is over, and above the required, that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.

The Responsibilities of an Ideal Student The purpose of education is to produce ideal persons to face the responsibilities of the future.

This aim can be achieved only when the students are sincere and they acquire the education in the real sense. Essay on Duties and Responsibilities of a Student Teacher Allen Joy U. Egot BEED 4-A DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE STUDENT TEACHER Before a student becomes a student teacher he needs to pass the general education program of .

Write an Essay on Duties and Responsibilities of Students Article shared by It is estimated that nearly 15% of the total population of India consists of students.

May 18,  · duties of a good student Student life is a temporary period of man’s life but it is of vital importance.

It Is the time when the seed of future prosperity and happiness is . Essay on the Duties of a Student.

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Essay on duties and responsibilities of a student

8 Important Points to Remember about this Essay: Essay Introduction. Duties of students. Duties towards themselves. Write an Essay on Duties and Responsibilities of Students ; What Are The Important Duties Of A Good Reporter?

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