Effects of embargo and cubas chance of removing it

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Effects of embargo and cubas chance of removing it

There are no formal capital markets in Cuba.

Effects of embargo and cubas chance of removing it

Today, BCC lists nine domestic banks, eight of them owned by the state. The ninth bank with a local licence is also state-owned, but by Venezuela.

The Venezuelan bank was shuttered in Caracas earlier this year after a succession of corruption scandals and massive losses.

But now the Cuban government says it wants to transform its banks, to make them compete with each other.

Banks here lend for basic household items or home improvement, but not for outright property purchases. Likewise, the traditionally Havana-focussed Banco Metropolitano BM and the nationwide savings bank Banco Popular de Ahorro BPAwhich operate the bulk of Cuban bank accounts, want exposure in trade finance and business.

That Cuban banks need capital might provide an opportunity for a foreign joint venture or takeover in a reformist economy that legally does not bar them.

Despite the notionally liberal law, Havana economists say the market is effectively closed to outsiders.

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For the foreign financiers that once revelled here, Cuban law officially does not restrict foreign banks from operating on the island. HavinBank boasts an eclectic board. Far from the extensive branch network and market access that foreigners from Scotiabank, Chase Manhattan and a Taiwan-owned Bank of China enjoyed before Castro, today foreign banks in Cuba are mostly confined to an ambassadorial representative desk, perhaps dabbling in some modest trade financing.

With the US economic blockade of Cuba still formally in place, foreign banking in Cuba has been fraught. The expatriate community is littered with horror stories about foreign businessmen who unwittingly found themselves on the wrong side of revolutionary justice, for something as innocent as incentivizing local staff, or saw their painstakingly formed joint ventures mysteriously wrenched from them by powerful local players, sometimes accompanied by a stint in prison.

Now that is all changing. Various Spanish and German banks were in town for exploratory look-see inspections when Euromoney was there. The US Federal Reserve even made a presentation, unthinkable barely a year earlier. Seleski tells Euromoney he believes US-Cuban banking joint ventures will soon follow.

Sepia-toned alleys that in a previous Havana might have heaved with bars of suits dealmaking over mojitos today house occasional kiosks offering shoddy local goods to Cubans with little cash.

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A few streets away is Calle Obispo, once the pounding heart of commercial Cuba. A tale oft-told by Havana-based bankers describes how Che got the posts. Today, as many asself-employed entrepreneurs have emerged, kickstarting an embryonic private sector. These so-called cuentapropistas are transforming the tourist sector, making it the most dynamic part of the otherwise moribund military-run economy, opening bars and restaurants in atmospheric spaces and guest houses in their homes, turning private cars into cabs and rejuvenating basic services that had ossified under state control.

Though the economy remains firmly under the wing of military conglomerates, ordinary Cubans now have more of a say in its direction. They can now sell their homes and cars, travel abroad where many keep bank accountsimport goods, stay in what were once foreigner-only hotels and own mobile phones, though internet data services are either not available or prohibitively expensive.

Despite the advances, Martinez is most comfortable ploughing through safe ideological ground, describing almost by rote the history and legal remit of the central bank. Tertiary qualifications are a prerequisite. The Castro government severely limits internet access for Cubans, or makes the few — grindingly slow — connections that are available prohibitively expensive for public use.

The more pressing issue for communist Cuba 57 years after a revolution few Cubans today have any profound connection to, are the salaries the BCC offers for highly qualified people to fill its vacancies, especially when compared with what Cuban entrepreneurs can now make working for themselves.

What we are doing is updating the economic management model in Cuba. One of the main tasks that we are performing today is contributing to the transformation of the economic environment."Cubas Message to Its People: Be on Your Best Behavior for Obama" "Cuba, a police state working out how much to open up to the world and to its own people, has gone above and beyond to prevent embarrassing surprises.".

the American-Cuban Embargo, one must ask if the Castro government will continue to gain stability, or lose the faith of its people. removing a sitting president from power To deal with this matter, military officers there is a chance that much of the violence experienced in the.

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Effects of embargo and cubas chance of removing it
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