Doing business report egypt 2014

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Doing business report egypt 2014

Passenger vehicles may only be imported up to one year after the date of manufacture. Egyptian regulations allow foreign investors to import a vehicle duty-free for their private use in the year of manufacture, doing business report egypt 2014 that approval is obtained from the Chairman of the General Authority for Investments and Free Zones GAFI.

In Maythe Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry issued a decree banning the importation of motorcycles and three-wheel vehicles, except for tricycles and chassis for trade.

doing business report egypt 2014

This ban remains in place today. The new regulations are not science based and not based on risk assessment as there is no scientific evidence that, in abidance with Codex MRLs, residues of synthetic hormones in beef present a health risk for consumers. Poultry Parts InEgypt banned the import of whole frozen poultry, parts and offal.

Inthe ban was eased by restricting imports to whole frozen poultry, but continues to ban poultry parts and offal. Opposition from domestic poultry producers blocks the import of more affordable, high quality U.

As a result of the high cost of beef and beef products, lower- and middle-income Egyptians turn to poultry as an alternative protein source. Demand for poultry products outpaces supply, driving up prices beyond the reach of many lower-income consumers.

Egypt cites contamination and nutritional value concerns as a justification for the ban. Although Egypt has notified the WTO, its notification omits references to it having similar concerns with its own domestic feather meal production. The OIE provides recommendations for feather and poultry meals imports based on heat treatment.

For five years, Egyptian and U. Thus far, the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture has declined to issue import permits for U.

doing business report egypt 2014

Soybeans BeforeEgypt applied zero tolerance for ambrosia weed seeds in soybean imports. The decree eliminated the zero-tolerance policy and allows maximum residue levels of up to 50 ppm seeds per kilogram sample.

The United States is challenging this regulation, requesting Egypt to accept processing as a means of mitigation for ambrosia weed seeds, which would negate the need for an MRL for ambrosia weed seeds.

All soybean imports are used in processing for soybean oils and meals.


The processing at the crushing facilities, which include sieving and heating, are sufficient to destroy any foreign materials, including ambrosia. The same practice is applied by most soybean importers around the world, including the EU. The EU accepts the processing done at a crushing facility as an acceptable mitigation practice.

Under the new rules, GOEIC became the sole government entity responsible for wheat, corn and soybean inspections at shipping origins and arrivals. Importers must submit an import permit application to GOEIC, indicating the shipment's country of origin and the amount being imported.

Approvals are to be issued within two working days of submission. The ban does not differentiate between the most complex computer-based imaging equipment and the most basic of supplies. At present, even new medical equipment must be tested in the country of origin and proven safe before it will be approved for importation into Egypt.

The importer will also provide a certificate issued by official health authorities in the country of origin, indicating that the medical equipment, subject to importation, is safely used there.Amic report of July showing total vehicles sales put at 22, units compared with 22, units during the same month of marking 3 % growth.

Of the figure passenger vehicles sales reached 17, vehicles marking 6 % growth in the comparison month while buses, mini & microbus sales reached 2, units marking 22 % increase.

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Consolidated Financial Statements of the Nestlé Group th Financial Statements of Nestlé S.A. Report of the Statutory Auditor on the Consolidated Financial Statements The other transactions relate to the acquisition of a business (see Note 2).

(b) Relates mainly to the adjustment for hyperinflation in Venezuela, considered. Ease of doing business index (1=most business-friendly regulations) Electric power consumption (kWh per capita) EdStats Service Delivery Indicators.

Children out of school, primary, female; Children out of school, primary, male REPORT FRAUD OR CORRUPTION. Nov 01,  · Egypt jumped eight places in the World Bank’s (WB) Doing Business Report, according to Wednesday’s statement by the Ministry of the .

FY /15 Quarterly Report Volume No. (50) Preface The External Position of the Egyptian Economy Report is a series produced by the Economic Research Sector in the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE).

The report tracks, on quarterly basis, the international Doing Business in Egypt 73 Box. (4): Tourism Market Diversification According to the UNCTAD World Investment Report, Egypt is one of the top five FDI There are no religious influences or prohibitions on doing business in Egypt.

Electricity consumption in Egypt is billion kWh, according to a estimate.

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