Comparing perceptions of marketing comm

Comparing perceptions of marketing communication channels. Abstract Purpose — The purpose of this study is threefold:

Comparing perceptions of marketing comm

Catalytic pollution control End-of-Life Issues The treatment of materials at the end of their lifetime is a significant subject area and encompasses aspects such as recycling techniques and materials limitations, biodegradabilty and composting, chemical recovery and energy recovery.

How to Teach For students to gain maximum learning outcomes from this area, there is a requirement for a certain amount of basic knowledge. Details of environmental legislation and economic factors Processing methods Materials composition, structure and behaviour Details of environmental impacts eg the detailed chemical mechanism by which CFC's deplete the ozone layer The methods by which students obtain this information can vary, depending on the level of initiative expected from the students.

It could be presented via conventional lectures, with supporting multi-media material. The area of environmental materials Comparing perceptions of marketing comm an exceptionally good opportunity for other teaching and learning methods that are much more suited to the quite subjective and rapidly changing nature of the subject such as: Group discussion Market research Case-study work One example of where group discussion has proved to be an effective learning tool is the consideration of new environmental legislation.

Once students have become familiar with regulations dealing with packaging, automotive and electrical sectors, they could be asked to consider what should be in legislation aimed at other sectors, for example construction and agriculture. An example might be for students to collect information on how the major automotive companies are planning to deal with forthcoming end-of-life vehicle regulations.

Market research is an interesting way for students to gain information on more subjective issues such as public perceptions, marketability of products and so on. In project work, there is scope for students to undertake surveys via questionnaires or door to door surveys.

Comparing perceptions of marketing comm

Case studies can be used to bring many important aspects together. For instance, an interesting case study might be to consider the environmental impact of PVC use.

In order to do this effectively, students would need to have access to factual information on PVC production methods, additive technology including plasticiser chemistry, recycling methods, dioxin chemistry and the associated health risks.

With this information, students could then consider the more subjective issues of the overall environmental risks posed by PVC, the optimum disposal routes and the benefits of long outdoor lifetimes when replacing other materials that require paint or preservative treatments.

The significant learning objective in such a case would be the consideration of the full lifetime environmental impact in order to make reasoned comparisons with alternative materials. How to Assess Aside from exams of course, it is envisaged that a range of assessment methods would be used, linked to the different types of learning outcomes.

However the issues of plagiarism need to be addressed. Project work can be an even better method for assessing a student's in-depth understanding and also allow assessment of the student's ability to devise investigative methods that go beyond the review of published information. Other methods are also possible within the field of environmental materials, that can mimic real-life situations.

For instance, to assess understanding of the legislative issues associated with this subject, mock advocacy case studies could be performed. The development of marketing plans for an environmental material, product or process could also be undertaken. Evaluation In addition to teaching and assessment of learning outcomes, it is important to evaluate the degree to which the learning outcomes have been achieved.

For the more factual elements, this is quite simple, based on student's performance in formal assessments. The most important general learning outcome in this area is the ability to generate a complete overview of the inter-relating environmental aspects of a material or process.

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Assessment and evaluation of such a learning outcome is best made from the more open-ended types of assignments, where students have the freedom to show initiative and their own interpretations.

Case Study Examples The following two case studies illustrate how several aspects of environmental issues of materials use can be covered within a single context. End-of-life Vehicle ELV regulations Restriction of hazardous materials regulations Requirements for greater fuel efficiency Emission reductions Aesthetic design Cost competitiveness Several of these are beginning to have a significant impact on the materials selection and design issues within the automotive industry.

For instance, the ELV regulations will specify recovery and recycling rates at the end of a vehicle's lifetime, the responsibility for which will rest with the producer.

They will also require the use of a minimum amount of recycled material to be used in new vehicles. The hazardous materials regulations will impose further restrictions on materials use and how they can be treated at the end of their life.

The requirements for improved fuel efficiency tend to drive materials usage towards reductions in vehicle weight. The two most significant requirements for materials selection and design are becoming the need for low weight and the requirement for recyclability. Lightweighting tends to favour greater use of polymers and polymer composites, although designers with steel have responded to this via initiatives such as the Ultra Light Steel Auto Body ULSAB project.A hedge fund is an investment fund that pools capital from accredited individuals or institutional investors and invests in a variety of assets, often with complex portfolio-construction and risk-management techniques.

It is administered by a professional investment management firm, and often structured as a limited partnership, limited liability company, or similar vehicle.

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Comparing perceptions of marketing comm

The Importance of Brand Perception. Social listening platforms, like Brandwatch, allow you to measure the sentiment of the talk around your brand, products and campaigns. Marketing. Share this post. Tagged brand perception branding focus groups market research measurement opinion social.

1. Introduction [2] The supply of freshwater that supports human health and enterprise is basically constant, representing only about 1% of the water available worldwide. Good quality, nonsaline water is the global asset most important in satisfying the increasing demand for basic food, fiber, feed and fuels.

EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY INTERACTIVE Readings in Educational Psychology. Developed by: W. Huitt Last updated: November Marketing communication channels 41 Appendix 4 Outcome questions Outcome questions for both markets (options for question 3 are given in the following): (1) Thinking about the communication overall.

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