Cigar box projects

By Julia Marchand Every so often, I find a beautiful cigar box poised patiently on a thrift store shelf. Plus, they cost next to nothing thanks to the low prices! Although this project is simple, it has an eye-catching appeal. It doubles as storage seeing that you can still stash things inside!

Cigar box projects

Making the neck and installing the frets are the most time-consuming parts of the build. Using a wood saw, cut the oak or maple lumber to 36". Next Prev Saw off a rectangular slice from the lower end.

This is the end that goes into the cigar box. Measure the length and thickness of the cigar box lid. I use the box itself as a guide, tracing along the oak stick with a pencil.

Mark these dimensions on the wood, then use a saw to remove the part shaded red in the illustration. Next Prev Mark the lines for the nut and headstock.

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This second mark is where the nut will go. Use a sanding block, starting with rough sandpaper and finishing with fine-grit sandpaper.

Cigar box projects

Next Prev I used to be intimidated by the idea of frets. The process seemed mysterious and difficult. Mark the fret locations.

Enter your desired scale length into an online fret spacing program a simple online fret calculator can be found at http: Using a yardstick and a square, make pencil marks along the length of the neck to indicate the location of the frets.

They work well, but will eventually wear out. If you want a fretless guitar, go over the pencil marks with a Sharpie or some paint.

Next Prev Cut the fret slots. The saw blade should be thin enough so the fret tangs bite into the slots you cut. I buy medium-gauge fret wire and have had no problem with frets popping out.

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Make: 77 Cigar BOX guitar By Ed Vogel Photography by Sarah Whiting As a volunteer music teacher, I sometimes meet kids who can’t afford instruments. This is a guide about uses for cigar boxes. From storage to craft projects galore, cigar boxes have so many uses.

You can organize with them, decorate them how ever you like, stack them easily and more.

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