Calmness in the midst of chaos

Through this expanded awareness, we receive the gifts of the soul: Abstractions of theoretical religion pale before actual experience of God. Truth cannot be wholly proved to any seeker by another, but by the practice of yoga meditation all of us can prove truth for ourselves through the irrefutable assurance of our own direct experience. You must be always positive-minded, cheerful, smiling, vibrant.

Calmness in the midst of chaos

Martin Luther King, Jr. Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued a statement for this occasion. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Deacon Timothy Tilghman, a married deacon of our native Archdiocese of Washington, ordained in The Tilghmans are devoted parents and grandparents.

The following is the transcript of our interview, in which Deacon Tilghman shared his insights on the intersection of the life and legacy of Rev. King, the Civil Rights Movement in the s in general, Catholicism and the black community, the ministry of the Josephites, and the Catholic faith as experienced during the tumultuous s.

Please tell us about your background and experience of faith.


I was formed in the Church in a day when Church and neighborhood were synonymous. I could walk an hour in any direction from my house and folks knew me because they had worked with my parents or one of my 12 older siblings. The neighborhood was extensive.

The common element in these parishes was the presence of the Josephites. I grew up with the Josephite charism, and patterned my life on the Josephite way. I was attracted to my wife Jennifer because we shared a common sense of faith; I later discovered that she grew up with the Josephites in New Orleans.

What was it like living as a young black Catholic man during the Civil Rights Era? Everybody in the neighborhood was excited about Dr. King and what he did. I had a friend, Tyrone Williams, who died a number of years ago.

Calmness in the midst of chaos

He would impersonate King speeches, and people enjoyed hearing those impersonations. King was exciting; he was electric. It was inspirational to see a man of color who was able to bring hundreds of thousands of people together. Down in Alabama, the Montgomery bus boycotts lasted around days, and people united for a just cause.

It forced people to recognize us blacks for who we are, people of great faith and power. There has not been a demonstration of power like the Montgomery bus boycotts since then.

What was the relationship like between Catholics and other Christians in general in the s, independent of the Civil Rights Movement? Vatican II recognized the value in Christian traditions, such as the document on ecumenism [Unitatis Redintegratio].

The same is true for other faith traditions. The Church recognized this over 50 years ago, and recognized it quite clearly.The following is a list of political catchphrases, that is, distinctive statements uttered by political figures that have gone on to become well known..

Catchphrases may originate as political slogans, as portions of prepared speeches, or from spontaneous utterances, including catchphrases are .

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Calmness in the midst of chaos

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