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Criteria for the current list of theorems are whether the result can be formulated elegantly, whether it is beautiful or useful and whether it could serve as a guide without leading to panic. My focus is to help modify your thinking of how math is used, rather than just pummel you with algorithms

Anh van

Tracey Emin Against conceptualism, hedonism and the cult of the ego-artist. Stuckism is the quest for authenticity. Painting is the medium of self-discovery. It engages the person fully with a process of action, emotion, thought and vision, revealing all of these with intimate and unforgiving breadth and detail.

Stuckism proposes a model of art which is holistic. It is a meeting of the conscious and unconscious, thought and emotion, spiritual and material, private and public.

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This is a fundamental distortion of the human experience and perpetrates an egocentric lie. The Stuckist paints pictures because painting pictures is what matters. The Stuckist is not mesmerised by the glittering prizes, but is wholeheartedly engaged in the process of painting. Success to the Stuckist is to get out of bed in the morning and paint.


The Stuckist is not a career artist but rather an amateur amare, Latin, to love who takes risks on the canvas rather than hiding behind ready-made objects e.

The amateur, far from being second to the professional, is at the forefront of experimentation, unencumbered by the need to be seen as infallible.

Unlike the professional, the Stuckist is not afraid to fail. It creates worlds within worlds, giving access to the unseen psychological realities that we inhabit. The results are radically different from the materials employed.

An existing object e.

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Ready-made art is a polemic of materialism. Post Modernism, in its adolescent attempt to ape the clever and witty in modern art, has shown itself to be lost in a cul-de-sac of idiocy.

Anh van

What was once a searching and provocative process as Dadaism has given way to trite cleverness for commercial exploitation. The Stuckist calls for an art that is alive with all aspects of human experience; dares to communicate its ideas in primeval pigment; and possibly experiences itself as not at all clever!

Against the jingoism of Brit Art and the ego-artist. Stuckism is an international non-movement. Brit Art, in being sponsored by Saachis, main stream conservatism and the Labour government, makes a mockery of its claim to be subversive or avant-garde.

The Stuckist gives up the laborious task of playing games of novelty, shock and gimmick. The Stuckist neither looks backwards nor forwards but is engaged with the study of the human condition. The Stuckists champion process over cleverness, realism over abstraction, content over void, humour over wittiness and painting over smugness.

The Stuckist is opposed to the sterility of the white wall gallery system and calls for exhibitions to be held in homes and musty museums, with access to sofas, tables, chairs and cups of tea.

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The surroundings in which art is experienced rather than viewed should not be artificial and vacuous. We further call for the policy of entrapping rich and untalented students from at home and abroad to be halted forthwith.

We also demand that all college buildings be available for adult education and recreational use of the indigenous population of the respective catchment area. If a school or college is unable to offer benefits to the community it is guesting in, then it has no right to be tolerated.

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Anh van

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