Airtel essay 3

The strong fiscal backup can be used to increase its investings and spread out rural coverage. Mr Mittal explained that this could be played with in India which makes competition easier.

Airtel essay 3

Meaning same agent be allowed to tie up with multiple banks. Same logic like White label ATM: But is a white lable company gives service common to all of them, then operational cost reduced. The end of the article, unless you want to read some additional topics associated with vision 1 and 2 Appendix: Allows you to open bank account with no minimum balance requirement.

KYC norms apply Each year, First chequebook free. Netbanking facility is free Interest paid: Limits Maximum of four withdrawals in a month, including through ATMs. He cannot open any other account in the same bank. Are Bank Branches useless for financial inclusion?

Traditional bank branches have fixed working hours and bank holidays. :: BGP Looking Glass links collection

Most villagers need loans less than Rs. Nachiket recommends following Branch should focus on high value customers, transactions, cheque clearing and cash management only. Outsource other things to Business correspondence agents.

Allow White lable Business correspondence agents.

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Real Sector Adjacencies to increase banking penetration: For example Diconsa, an operator of 22, grocery stores in rural Mexico, began a program to deliver cash payments from government benefit programs to people in its stores. Axis Bank partnered with Airtel and Idea to leverage their wide outreach in rural areas.

Similarly if government wants to give direct cash benefit transfer to poor beneficiaries accounts, then government should also pay fees the banks. Nachiket recommends that for every DBT Transfer, the government should pay the bank 3.


In the medieval times, there was no RBI central Bank. The king himself issued the coins. So, how does the Seigniorage work now?

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There are two cases when RBI needs to print money To replace the torn out currency notes. To pump additional money into the system. Say worth crores. Then RBI will print crore worth notes and circulate it in the market. And on those G-sec, government will have to pay interest to RBI.

In a futuristic society, junta will stop using physical cash altogether, All transactions will be done through mobile and electronic devices.BGP Looking Glass links collection with IPv4, IPv6 features and Internet eXchanges.

Airtel essay 3

Related resources and news. Company profile of Airtel India’s largest and world’s third largest cellular service provider with more than 82 million subscribers –Bharti Airtel is a merger between Bharti Group and Airtel it’s a well know Ned brand in India as well as Asia.

thou hast given me: the heritage of those that fear thy name. Airtel is the largest provider of mobile telephony and second largest provider of fixed telephony in India, and is also a provider of broadband and subscription television services.

It offers its telecom services under the airtel brand, Airtel Essay ENVIRONMENTAL. Strategic Outsourcing at Bharti Airtel Limited Overview Bharti Airtel Limited- the Indian telecommunications firm formerly known as Bharti Tele-Venture Limited Akhil Gupta- Joint Managing Director of Bharti Airtel Limited • Network Suppliers Agreement took 3 months and a quarter to finalize • Bharti’s customer base growing @ % per year o Challenge to keep pace with network expansion o.

[Banking] Nachiket Committee: Universal Electronic Banking Account (UEBA), Payment Access Points, Financial Inclusion, Seigniorage and More. Subscribe Economy 96 Comments 5 years Ago.

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