A story of the life and career of chuck yeager

He had two brothers, Roy and Hal Jr.

A story of the life and career of chuck yeager

He was the first man to break the sound barrier on October 14,flying the experimental Bell X-1 at Mach 1 at an altitude of 45, ft 13, m. Centennial of Flight Commission www. For many people, Chuck Yeager is a true hero in the strictest definition of the word.

Throughout his career, Yeager displayed distinguished courage and performed several extraordinarily brave deeds, although he only considered such acts as following his duty. Many people recognize Yeager as the first person to break the sound barrier, but that feat is only one of his many important achievements.

Yeager was born on February 13,in Myra, West Virginia. The son of a gas driller, Chuck grew up working with a wide variety of mechanical devices. He could readily take apart an engine and put it back together without difficulty. A few months after his high school graduation, Yeager joined the U.

Yeager had no real interest in learning to fly when he first joined the Air Forces. He simply wanted to be a mechanic. The main reason he enlisted in the Army was because the Army recruiter was more persuasive than the Navy spokesperson.

When Yeager was a teenager, a plane made an emergency landing near his house. Although Chuck dashed over to look at the aircraft, he was unmoved by the experience.

Yeager enrolled in the program because he wanted a change of pace, not to mention a promotion and a pay raise. Yeager earned his wings in early After a brief assignment stateside, he transferred to England and began working with the rd Fighter Squadron.

In earlyon his seventh mission, Yeager shot down his first enemy plane. However, his next sortie did not go as well. On March 5,his eighth mission, Yeager had to bail out over occupied France after his plane took an enemy hit.

Despite being wounded, Yeager still evaded the Germans, with the help of the French Resistance, and made it into neutral Spain.

Soon after, he returned to England. Although military rules prohibited him from returning to his unit, he appealed his case all the way up to General Dwight D. Eisenhower, who allowed him to return to his squadron. If Eisenhower had any doubts about his decision, Yeager quickly put them to rest.

Boyd invited Yeager to become a test pilot, and the West Virginian accepted the offer. Soon after arriving at Muroc, Yeager received orders to test the X-1, an experimental aircraft that some believed might exceed Mach One.

On October 14, Yeager flew the X-1, which he had renamed the Glamorous Glennis in honor of his wife, faster than the speed of sound. With that flight, he traveled faster than any human being ever had, a remarkable feat considering the fact that he had broken several ribs during a horseback riding accident only a few days before.

Revealing his characteristic sense of humor, Yeager radioed to one of colleagues: Even though most of the flight went according to plan, near the end, the aircraft unexpectedly started spinning out of control and began rotating on all three axes.Charles Elwood “Chuck” Yeager was born February 13, in Myra, West Virginia, just a few miles up the Mud River from Hamlin.

The second son of Albert Hal and Susie Mae Yeager, Chuck was always a curious kid. Now Chuck Yeager tells his whole incredible life story with the same “wide-open, full throttle” approach that has marked his astonishing career. What it was really . Chuck Yeager is unquestionably the most famous test pilot of all time.

He won a permanent place in the history of aviation as the first pilot ever to fly faster than the speed of sound, but that is only one of the remarkable feats this pilot performed in service to his grupobittia.coms Elwoo.

A story of the life and career of chuck yeager

Chuck Yeager’s remarkable feat of being the first man to break the sound barrier is just but one bookmark in a novel that is the life of Chuck Yeager.

From a West Virginia Farm to the French Underground. Chuck Jaeger was born on February 13, , in a small West Virginia town. Gen. Chuck Yeager was interviewed by Jack Houvouras to mark the 65th anniversary of his breaking the sound barrier. Gen. Yeager shared his thoughts on making history, modern aviation, his scholarship program at Marshall University, and the challenge of slowing down for .

Chuck Yeager is a retired brigadier general who became the first pilot to officially break the sound barrier.


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