3m environment report

Share via Email This article is over 4 months old In June, BT announced that their chief executive, Gavin Patterson, was to leave the telecoms group later in At its annual meeting in Edinburgh,

3m environment report

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Innovation, advanced technology drive toward more sustainable operations Boeing aspires to be the best in aerospace and an enduring global industrial champion—a top performer in each and every area of our business.

That includes an unwavering commitment to environmental innovation and performance in our products, services and operations. For example, our newest commercial airplanes such as the MAX and Dreamliner are 70 percent more fuel efficient and 90 percent quieter than the first jets that rolled out of our factories in the s.

From towe reduced greenhouse gas emissions 29 percent while growing our business and increasing aircraft deliveries by 71 percent.

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Looking forward, a top priority will be continued research into cleaner, advanced technologies, such as hybrid-electric propulsion, biofuel and chemical alternatives. Boeing HorizonX is a pathfinder organization that will uncover and accelerate potentially transformative aerospace products, such as advanced batteries and alternative propulsion aircraft.

A new strategy to guide our business through advances our commitment to the environment, however, we are not just thinking about the next eight years; we are looking with a long term eye toward the kind of company we want to be for future generations. Boeing collaborates with government agencies, other stakeholders and research facilities worldwide to develop solutions that promote a more sustainable future.

The significant improvements came during a time of unparalleled growth in our business, with record airplane deliveries. Strive for excellence in sustainability in our operations and supply base.

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Inspire collaboration with partners around the world to advance innovative solutions for local and global environmental needs.Environment Report - Oil & Gas UK. In , for our worldwide energy-conservation efforts, we earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® award.

This was the 10th consecutive year 3M received the honour, an industry first. We were also, again, listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index – a credit we’ve had since its inception in 3M strives to be not only be an innovator in science and technology, but a leader in helping the environment.

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3m environment report

Environmental, Health and Safety Report Reviewed: 08/ 3M Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Oversight: o The 3M IACUC consists of scientific and nonscientific members, a doctor of veterinary medicine, and nonaffiliated member/ethicist. The brands listed above are trademarks of 3M.

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3m environment report

Sometimes, they are game-changing. Always, they are the product of purposeful collaboration – between 3Mers, 3M, and customers, 3M and other organizations that share our passion for creating a better world.

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